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mcdonnell beat crh deeds, and more importantly, independent voters went for barack obama, and they voted for mcdonnell. and the same thing was true in new jersey. independent voters favored chris christie over jon corzine by a two-one margin in new jersey, as well, and this should sound alarm bells, because that should reflect on president obama's performance and a resounding rejection of his agenda. but guess what? they think it was just great. nancy pelosi decided to block out these two losses and concentrate on the seat that the democrats picked up. >> we picked up one in california and one in new york. sean: wow, she sounds convincing, does she not? now, joining me more with what the republican victories mean for those states and america at large, newt gingrich joins me. you have to give her credit for trying, right? >> she has to try because she has a huge vote coming up, trying to pass the socialist health bill. i think on saturday. they are going to keep them in. she is desperate to get it through before the country rises in total rebellion against the house. the most dangerous th
obama won just a year ago, governor, what do you think of what's happened there tonight? >> well, it's an out and out rout here in virginia. it's a rout because bob mcdonnell's campaign on common sense conservative principles on economic issues, jobs, energy, transportation, education, and those ideas resonated not only with the united republican party but also got a lot of independents to join with us as well. so it's a great message across the country that virginians are standing strong for freedom rather than debt, taxes and rationing and taxing of energy. sean: looks like you are having too much fun there, governor. >> yeah, well, we are. sean: as we look at this race, this is a rout here in virginia, in a state that barack obama won by six points. what's your interpretation of this? >> sean, there is no question about it. we are having a tremendous victory here tonight. what's interesting is that bob mcdonnell ran a positive solutions-based campaign. clearly the voters of the commonwealth have rejected the policies of the barack obama white house, of the nancy pelosi-led congres
the iran hostage crisis. dick cheney is not backing down, he slams president obama for protecting weakness in asia. all of that plus dana perino, call rove, and our great american panel. sean: president obama's radical policies are working like imagine nick one -- like magic in one sense. poll numbers plummeting among independents since last month. 45%, down from 52 ers% in october. -- from 52% in october. if you keep this up the republicans will thank you nor paving way for big victories in 2010. dana perino a sean: for me personally, this is a bit degrading. newsweek should be more policy oriented, more substance oriented. sean: they used it for a specific purpose to feature well-known runners and promote fitness amongst its readers. "runner's world," said that they did not give the image. it was provided by the photographers stock agency without the knowledge or permission of runner's world. it is standard practice for them to strike images that have appeared on other magazines. joining us is dana perino and stuart varney. she said that the out of context newsweek approach is sexist. >>
, by contrast, says the a.p. didn't bother checking either one of barack obama's books. what is behind this double standard? my next guest is somebody who knows a great deal about the media and has even spent time with governor sarah palin on the campaign trail. let's take a look. >> when i was asked to come out here to all of you and introduce the governor today, i was, of course, incredibly honored. but let's be honest. i was really excited just to be able to talk for five minutes without getting interrupted. and let me tell you this -- when it gets hot in the kitchen, the governor may be from alaska, but she can take the heat. sean: we're now happy to be joined by the author of "the g free diet, a gluten free survival guide." she is the emmy award-winning host of abc's "the view," the one and only lids bet hasselbeck. i love the show. i watch it all the time. >> not everybody does. sean: at least it's a rosie-free zone. >> sean, you're bad, but indeed, it is. sean: you said you watched the interview last night with sarah palin. >> i did. sean: i was with you when you gave
words for president barack obama. let's take a look. >> barack obama. on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, where do you rate barack obama? >> a four. a four, i think there are a lot of decisions being made that i and probably the majority of americans are not impressed with right now. our economy is not being put on the right track and i question too some of the dithering and hesitation with some of our national security questions that have got to be answered for our country. so a four. sean: governor palin will be here for the full hour tomorrow night. it will be her very first cable interview since the release of her book. and joining me with analysis on the governor's appearance on g.m.a. is the author of "what americans really want, really, really, really." we have pollster and president of the war doctors, frank luntz. >> i'm looking at that clip. abc cut as close as they could to her. that's a trick that 60 minutes discovered. the closer they get to you, the more likely that people are going to distrust you. they know that and they cut in to make her look less effective and
. this is a race in which c.i.a. deeds -- cree -- creigh deeds despite the obama endorsement, couldn't pull it over the line. he did not invigorate and energize african-american or young voters. as a consequence, lots of questions now about what it means for democrats and republicans across the country, beyond the berveds the old dominion. they may be worried that a moderate democrat such as creigh deeds was, may mean they will be in trouble too. and with some may put more distance between themselves and obama and cap and trade and other programs. remember there were questions after the obama question whether the republicans could come out of the wilderness. tonight, they are heading to the governor's office here for the first time in eight years. shepard: now let's get to new jersey. the polls closed less than an hour ago and now it is still too close for fox news to project a winner. jon corzine and chris christie, chris daget very far behind but expected to play some role tonight. shannon, what's the mood there at his headquarters in brunswick, new jersey? >> no one is celebrating here and proba
wright. >> it was a photo op. sean: rush slams president obama's trip to dover air for fe sean: democrats are getting desperate in new jersey. democrats want new ballots sent to some two to a signature discrepancy. the left now once provisional ballots -- wants provisional ballots send. sean: and 24 hours from now, the polls will be closed in new jersey and virginia, and in virginia, things are looking up for the gubernatorial candidate bob mcdonnell, leading creigh deeds, the challenger, in the double digits. and in the other race, chris christie is leading incumbent jon corzine in new jersey. this is despite pulling out all of the stops. according to a website, the new jersey democratic party admits to paying for a glass-minute robo call that promotes chris daggett. how is all of this going to go? we ask the author of "catastrophe," bestseller, dick morris. this is a dramatic turnaround. >> he will carry virginia. sean: bought a pretty significant margin. it should -- by a pretty significant margin. new jersey, it is razor-thin right now. >> well, it all relates to a bunch of new jersey
that will serve as a referendum on the era of obama. it is for that reason over the past few weeks eyes have turned towards the great state of new jersey and the gubernatorial race there, new jersey consider chris christie is giving jon corzine a run for his money. polls show the two neck and neck. tonight we have gathered a room full of new jersey voters to find out what they care about before they go to the polls on tuesday. joining me is pollster of the word doctors author of "what americans want really" frank luntz is here. in a by part zahn group of new jersey volters. welcome to "hannity" tonight. >> first we we always ask how many of you voted for obama? wow. it is more republican. if christie can win this race it sends a message to washington, d.c. you heard the phrase, i am mad at hell. how many of you define yourselves as mad as hell. raise your hands. even those who voted for barack obama the entire front row is mad as hell. what are you angry at? >> unemployment that the rates keep getting higher and nothing is getting re -- resolved for that. >> who do you blame? >> people runn
is wrong with the military. sean: your overview of barack obama. in short, mine is, he is a radical ideologue, has no inclination or tendencies toward moderation. what do you think when you look at what he's doing to the economy, health care, banks, car companies, and national security? >> much worse than i thought. early on, i will confess, when i heard people sang "socialist," i said come easy. hold up. you know me. then, his communications director steps up and says how she admires socialists. i thought he was a great politician. we know he is a great politician. i thought he would give it once he saw -- i thought two tuesdays ago, new jersey and virginia, but he would have it. it is ideologies. sean: we saw what happened last tuesday. with the gubernatorial elections in particular, i think it was a political earthquake. i think the democrats or in denial about it. here in lies an opportunity for the republican party, which i have been critical of, for losing core values, to go back to basic principles. i think they could beat nancy pelosi. they could take back the house. do you
with a card like that. >> your over view of barack obama, in short mine is audience knows this, he is a radical i'd log and has no inclination or tendencies toward moderation. what do you think when you look at what he is doing to the economy banks healthcare and national security? >> much worse than i thought. early on i will confess when i heard people say socialist this that and the other thing. i said easy guys, hold up. you know me the professor. >> you told me that. >> ease up and his communications director steps up and says how much he admires mount saint toon. i thought i hoped he was great politician. he is a great politician a great campaigner. i thought he would pivot once he saw i thought after two tuesdays ago he would pivot. i think he's commit to do his ideology. nothing blinds people to reality like ideology. >> we saw what happened last tuesday the gubernatorial elections. >> how about that chris christie. >> it was a political earthquake. i think the democrats are still in denial about it. there in lies an opportunity for the republican party which i have been cr
. >> that one dude. >> arnold schwarzenegger? >> sean: it looks like president obama is hiding joe biden a little too well. all of that plus dana perino, frank luntz and our great, great american panel. hannity starts right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] sean: this is a fox news alert. the execution of the man known ant d.c. sniper john alan muhammad is scheduled to take place at this very moment in the commonwealth of virginia. muhammad was sentenced to death for the murder of dean harold myers who was one of the victims of the shooting spree that paralyzed washington, d.c. and the area back in 2002. we're going to update you as soon as we can confirm that the execution has, indeed, taken place. but tonight new evidence is emerging about the serious warning signs that could have possibly helped prevent the for the hood massacre. the houston chronicle is reporting that the gunman major nidal malik hasan was the subject of a joint fbi-army probe last year. the investigation is said to have centered around contacts between hasan and a yemen-based militant islammist. no
around the country, a bid that will serve as a referendum on the era of obama. it is for that reason over the past few weeks eyes have turned towards the great state of new jersey and the gubernatorial race there, where chris christie is given democratic governor jon corzine a run for his money. polls show the two neck in neck. tonight we have gathered a room full of new jersey voters right here tonight to find out what they care about before they go to the polls on tuesday. joining me now is pollster president of the word doctors and author of the new book, "what americans really want, really," frank luntz is here. guys, welcome to "hannity" tonight. [applause] you all give yourself a good hand. here we go. >> the first question we always ask -- how many of you voted for barack obama? raise your hands. wow. >> this is new jersey. remember, new jersey is more democrat than republican. sean: right. >> so if christie can win this race, it sends a real message to washington, d.c. i want to ask y'all -- you've heard the phrase "i'm mad at hell." how many define yourselves as mad as hell? rais
, president obama's political group, organizing for america, is now waging war against her. now, according to abc news, they sent a letter to supporters asking for donations that will help them "push back against sarah palin who they call dangerous." it sounds loik president obama is -- like president obama is worried he may have some competition in the future. joining us with reaction it all of this, fox news anchor, analyst, kimberly guilfoyle and columnist s.e. cupp. ben nelson is going to go along with it. mary landrieu, according to jonathan karl, abc reporting, there is $100 million specific provision just for louisiana. i think she's gone. they bought her vote. prove me wrong. >> she got a much bigger bag to carry the loot. the $100 million on the taxpayers that we're going to have to pay to get this to go through. sean: can you imagine? they need her vote so bad they put in a provision just for louisiana. $100 million of your dollars. so the question is, is this not the moral equivalent of bribery? >> well, it is. it's pretty dirty stuff. but i'm hoping that -- ben nelson did say t
. also, what does double digit unemployment mean for the obama agenda? we will ask our sunday panel, hume, liasson, kristol and powers. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> hello again from fox news in washington. we are following two major stories this sunday. first, late saturday night the house approved its version of healthcare reform with just two votes to spare by a margin of 220 to 251. jim engel has the story from capitol hill. jim? >> democratic leaders spent the last three days in furious behind the scenes negotiations because antiabortion democrats were threatening to vote against the bill which would have killed it. speaker nancy pelosi needed all 40 of the democrats who insist no federal money be spent on abortions. bart stupak and brad ellsworth refused to back down so ms. pelosi had no choice but to vote on their amendment. >> the speaker recognizes that members deserve the chance to vote their conscience and have their voices heard on this important matter. >> that angered abortion rights democrats and risked losing their votes. >> to to say this is a wolf in sheep's clo
obama's socialist program and health care in the lower 48, and i can't do that physically without leaving alaska to go to the lower 48, and, therefore, i'm not doing justice to my people by drawing a salary as governor, and i'm not doing justice to the american people by not going to the lower 48 to fight these fights. but she missed that chance. she said something that i still can't understand. >> so what would you say at this point, dealing with the reality? >> i would tray to use that explanation to catch up. but the media tried to portray her as a flake, and by quitting she's acting like a flake. she's the only governor to roe sign without going to jail. -- to resign without going to jail. sean: why do you think she's hated as much as she is? why did she become such a target? >> because the democratic party extensionly relies on the women vote and they'd like to think that there is no such thing as a republican woman, but there is, and there's no sup thing as a big national republican woman and sarah palin is that. sean: her base loves her. i've been out on the road with her.
people urgently need. sean: one person is a president obama screwed up. and remember this? you will not believe who leaked details of john edwards' $400 haircut. and get ready for a republican resurgence in 2010. all of that plus michelle malkin and the great american panel. sean: one democratic senator is going after president obama about health care. he said that driving down health-care costs should have been a part of the debate. do not go anywhere. anyone can prove they're strong once. the real question is can they prove it again and again. ♪ at northwestern mutual, we've answered that question compellingly... for over 150 years. northwestern mutual. consistency counts. put our strength to work for you. learn how at sean: and we continue now with more on the horror of fort hood. there were red flags in the year leading up to the attack, but, unfortunately, those red flags were not enough to stop it. joining us is the author of "culture of corruption," michelle malkin. welcome back. >> thanks a lot, sean. sean: you wrote a pretty hard hitting artic
. regions - it's time to expect more. sean: president obama and his senior and writers have been looking to history and america's involvement in the vietnam war to guide their decision about what sort of commitment to make in afghanistan. what lessons are they taking? we thought it was worth looking into. take a look at what we found out. >> the world cannot afford the price that would come to us if if -- if afghanistan slides into chaos. sean: general's four mcchrystal gave president obama a strategy for victory in afghanistan. >> i am announcing a comprehensive new strategy for afghanistan and pakistan. sean: three months later, that strategy has yet to be implemented. the president has made a show of hesitation and in decision. in a private, he and his advisers are looking to the vietnam war for guidance. they are looking to one book in particular. according to "the wall street journal," david axelrod and rahm emanuel tour through "lessons in disaster" and give it to the president. we read it, and it reaches surprising conclusions. the argument is made that jfk serve out his term, he
for the loss is barack obama. despite supporting gay-rights, he refused to give his opinion before election day and that is not sitting well with the leader of a group called "freedom to marry." subtle statements from the white house are not enough. don't worry, this week is almost over. next wednesday, americans will honor the selfless men and women that have risked their lives to keep this country safe parent of the incident at fort hood reminds us how lucky we are to hold them. apple bebee's offering a free ml to all veterans and all active- duty military. they are invited to come by one of their 2000 restaurants nationwide and they will be able to choose from six of their signature dishes. for complete details, you can go to their website. i want to congratulate them for taking the time and being generous to offer america's soldiers. that is a news. coming up, daniel hammond joins me to weigh in on what of the copenhagen conference could mean. are we about to give up our sovereignty? [ dog ] i am beautiful... on the inside. my inner-workings a work of art. a digestive tract that should be b
the hoops obama has been jumping through to avoid you calling this terrorism, it's an act of violence, they're comparing it to the columbine shooter. look, you don't have to have a group to commit a terrorist act. a lone wolff can do it. the difference between murder and terrorism is motivation. this guy obviously had a political motivation which makes it terrorism. it makes the first domestic occurrence on american soil since 9/11. sean: why won't anybody say what you just said and i've said? >> i don't know. this is the first attack since 9/11 and it's a consequence of the unilateral disarmament barack obama has brought to the intelligence community. sean: it's not a war on terror, this is man-caused disaster. we're not allowed to use the word "terror." >> and you see the psychological history and grumbling and all that so he doesn't have to lynn to -- listen to terrorist attacks before sean: coming up, karl rove will join us. and on the eve of her book, carrie frageon is here to talk about a sex tape that may be in the hands of the media and a report the fort hood suspect attempted to co
their day in court. a civilian court near ground zero. is the obama administration plan the best way to serve justice and protect the homeland? we'll talk with rudy giuliani, the mayor of new york on 9/11. and democratic senator jack reed. then from the way forward in afghanistan to the latest on healthcare, we will discuss the gop's strategy with senator mitch mcconnell, the party's top man in washington. plus, seaso sarah palin rolls r new book, reintroducing herself to america and settling old scores. will our sunday panel care to comment. in you betcha. and our power player of the week, working shaun stop to keep us safe from h1n1. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. the decision by attorney general holder on friday to try khalid shaikh muhammad and four of the alleged 9/11 conspirators at a new york city civilian court triggered strong criticism and praise. we will hear from both sides today starting with former mayor rudy giuliani. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> nice to be back, chris. >> i want to start with comments that att
obama will announce his plan tuesday night in a speech to the nation from west point, senator kyl, what will you be listening for. >> what do you want to hear in the president's speech? >> divide it into two pieces, first of all, the details, will he follow the recommendations of general petraeus and mcchrystal in moving at least 40,000 troops into the area, as quickly as possible. and, the other two key elements, the political and the economic elements, of counterinsurgency. but, in a broader way, the second part of this i'll be looking for is as follows: let's don't have talk of a phased deployment. we'll send a few troops immediately and then see what happens, see how it plays out, maybe send some more. that is kind of reminiscent of vietnam and the escalation that slow escalation did not work there. you need to put in everybody you can as quickly as you can and deliver a knockout punch, to the enemy. secondly, talk of an exit strategy is exactly the wrong way to go. and i hear that in the media. i certainly hope the president doesn't do that. because all that does is signal to the e
loads of researchers up there. some in obama's camp, some the media to find what they could find, any kind of dirt. thy -- thought they were find out i had a d in a macro economics course 20 years ago in college. that's how naive i was in terms of anticipating that was going to be the big skeleton in the closet president sean: what was the worst? was it letterman? >> two, one in the campaign, my personal emails being hacked and broadcast around the world. that was devastating because i knew some of the personal conversations i had and i didn't know what was going to be out there. the hacker admitted he was looking for something to re -- derail or destroy the mccain campaign. that caused a lot of disruption and distrust within the campaign that was unfortunate. but the most devastating thing to me was the things that would affect the kids. the attacks on trig, which blows me away that anybody could be that cruel that he shouldn't have been aroud to -- allowed to be born. sean: or that he wasn't your child, he was really bristol's child. >> yeah. sean: i was in the store this week and s
there will be trials within the obama administration. i hope the justice department -- sean: you want to go down that road? >> are you kidding? if we don't go down that road we will go down the road of invading another country in the future if we don't take care of the people that caused this horrible, horrible crime in our name. sean: we have to defeat them. that's the difference between you and me. >> who? sean: the people that plot, for example, the kowar towers, the first trade bombings, u.s. cole -- >> we didn't treat them like a nation we had to send an army after, we caught them and put them in prison. sean: we emboldened them and they did hijack the airplanes -- >> how many of them are there? what do you think? sean: i don't know. >> you're the united states of america, man! come on. sean: you want to gut our military? >> you're afraid of a few hundred guys on monkey bars? sean: millions. islamic fanatics. i believe there's millions of people that believe there are virgins in heaven if they commit a suicide bombing. >> all religions have their fanatics, wouldn't you agree with that? sean
promised wouldn't go above 8%, otherwise there would be a catastrophe. barack obama said unemployment would go to 9% if we didn't pass this stimulus plan. >> i'm shocked. i'm shocked it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to in the barack obama administration. sean: now unemployment is 10.2% and experts suggest it's going to go higher. >> here's the really bad news. of course this is the highest unemployment rate since 1993. and some bright spots. temporary employees, there's higher hiring rates and that potentially looks to the future. sean: 10.2%? >> listen, a tiny bright spot. here's a big downside is that in 1993 ronald reagan was president so he knew how to turn this around and the tax cuts that came after that in the excited economy turned that around. we have barack obama as president now, guys. he is not going to get us out of this with the terrible economic policies and the big sucking sound coming from washington lapping up the economy. sean: these were his promises. it's his stimulus, it's his record deficit spending, he quadrupled the debt in a year. how many more are the de
was condemning american foreign policy specifically and he was tying it to the issue of obama, is that true? >> he was tying it in the way that muslims shouldn't be fighting muslim. and he was very clear on that on sean: and did he talk about the right of muslims to somehow retaliate or rise up against america? >> right. well, there was a time -- the shooting in little rock, after that happened, a colleague of mine came to me and told me that nadal made a comment about how one muslim stood up against the armed forces. it just became sort of bizarre and strange. and we notified army chains of command that this was going on. and apparently it went on deaf ears. sean: so, this was reported, in other words. so you heard him say these very outlandish and controversial things. with that said you heard that with your own ears and did you specifically ever confront him on the things that you said you heard him say? >> no, i did not. no, i just thought he was just rambling and being upset about the war. that was it. sean: then based on the things that you heard as controversial as you're describing
injured. you have told our staff that hasan seemed to belief -- had feelings about president obama and his election. could you tell us with about that? >> that was the comments he made a couple times in the conference room and also one time outside the facility that he was hoping that president obama would start pulling troops out and things would settle down. and when things weren't going that way, he became more agitated. more frustrated with the conflicts over there and he was just -- he made his views well-known about how he felt about how, you know u.s. involvement in afghanistan. shepard: this was being investigatinged the by the u.s. military. >> that's what i was told. when i retired i didn't hear anything more about it. ways told there was an investigation but i couldn't tell you any furthermore about what they said. it was a he said/she said routine. gretchen: joining us live outside fort hood is reporter so he fee a reyesa. the suspect who is now in custody, but what about the 12 wounded, how seriously are they wounded, if you know? >> well, you know, they are north giving us a
. and how much of "angels and demons" is based on actual president obama: i took a trip to elkhart, indiana, today. elkhart's a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america. the unemployment rate went from 4.7% to 15.3%. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks... even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. as we speak, similar scenes are playing out in cities and towns across america. >> twice a people pack into a house to talk. and it turns from solid to liquid. let's take a look. >> naples, italy, is home to a centuries old religious event known only as the blood miracle of sanjinaro. they gather to honor the saint. >> he was a bishop in italy at the time that the christians were being percent executed under the emperor. he was martyred in about the year 305. >> members of the christian church were arrested, and being a good bishop, he went to visit them. he was himself arrested and condemned to death as one of the leaders of the christian church. the legends indicate that he w
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)